[REGTECH COMP] Accertify Inc – Introduction

Accertify’s Intelligent Authentication Solution for Merchants

PSD2 requires that Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is applied to all electronic payments and transactions – including proximity, remote and mobile-payments – within the European Economic Area (EEA). Merchants will have to adapt to SCA, which aims to increase payment security and protect sensitive consumer payment data. With the right solutions, merchants can be compliant with the new regulations and help reduce fraud while still offering a frictionless, user-friendly experience to their customers.

Accertify helps demystify PSD2 SCA and provides merchants with expertise on how to use our decision engine to support their SCA compliance effort. See below infographic to find out more:


  • Cardholder’s Browser Merchant Application
  • Payment Authorization
  • Accertify Intelligent
  • Authentication Solution
  • Scheme 3DS Server Issuer Access
  • Control Server
  • Accertify Intelligent Authentication Solution
    A guide to using Accertify for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) under PSD2.
    Accertify’s Intelligent Authentication
  • Solution for Merchants
    The Accertify Offering
    The benefits of your existing integration with Accertify:
    Exemptions Management
    Low-Value Transactions
    Easily identify low-value transactions, which may be processed without requesting additional authentication.
  • Transactional Risk Analysis
    You can monitor the current fraud rates of all your acquirers, and dynamically route transactions to reduce the need for step-up authentication.
  • Recurring Transactions
    Recurring, fixed value payments to the same merchants may be exempt after the initial step-up authentication.
    Accertify can help identify these payments.
  • Whitelisted Merchants
    Customers can elect specific merchants as trusted regular beneficiaries after their initial SCA transaction. Accertify can help identify these exemptions.
    Determine if the transaction is within the scope of the regulation.
    Merchants can use the Accertify exemptions management tool to reduce disruption to the customer journey in the check-out process.
    Manage authentication by configuring Accertify’s rules engine with limited additional development.
    Reporting tools enable sophisticated decision-making (track authentication/rates per acquirer).

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